Banished 1.06 patch downloaden

banished 1.06 patch downloaden

a video card doesn't support sampling from a depth texture. Fixed a bug that caused pending roads to not be cancelable if they were under a tree, rock, ore, etc. No single strategy will succeed for every town. Added safety code to check for invalid and dangling pointers this should make catching hard to find and rare issues easier.

Added selection of refresh rate to graphics settings Added selection of graphics adapter to graphics settings. Publisher: Shining Rock Software LLC, release Date: 18 Feb, 2014, genre: Strategy, Simulation, Survival, Open World, Building, Management, RTS. Tytu: Banished.0.5, gatunek: strategiczne, ekonomiczne, RTS, producent: Shining Rock Software LLC. Citizens will now only search for water in an area around the fire. Added better error message if the game runs out of memory due to too many mods loaded. Placing stone roads over pending dirt roads no longer cause unusable areas. Previous versions of the game wont work with this patch. Added a game launcher that allows changing video settings if the game doesn't display properly on startup. Added textile to the Status Bar, Resource Limit window, and Town Hall UI Added graphs for textiles to Town Hall UI Fixed a bug that caused fonts from.0.4 to not load.0.5. This fixes crashes when the general merchant comes with many mods that add resources enabled.